So I was out and about trying out the experimental camera settings I have decided to use and try out this arvo well we ended up at the Golf Course. Took few shots and then drove over to the other side of the lake to see if I can take shot for some ducks.  Slowly walked to the lake carefully adjusting my camera but my colleague drove past and chased all the birds away.  So I looked towards the Golf Course here come all the skippies heading for me at a full speed or so i thought hooping and skipping. I was scared of been run over by a bunch of wallabies so I tried to open the car door but when i looked again they were heading the opposite direction, turning around i saw a little joey standing right in the middle of the road while the rest stopped on the side of the road as if giving way to the an coming traffic.  Soon enough they crossed on to the other side of the road followed by the rest of the gang.

They look so colorful and beautiful as I stood watching them feed, so used to human presence in the morning just outside a Queenslander house not far from Tara outback of Qld.